For Parents

Articles & Websites

  • The Huffington Post highlights a series of blog posts related to mindfulness and parenting. Click here to check them out!
  • Psych Central offers a Mindful Parenting blog which features several different articles about mindfulness in the context of being a parent. Click here to visit and explore!
  • The Australian Childhood Foundation published a fun guide to Mindful Parenting. Click here to download a copy!
  • The Community of Mindful Parenting provides a variety of resources and ways to engage with parents all over the world. Click here to get connected!
  • Positively Mindful Parenting is a wonderful online community that offers an opportunity to connect with other mindful parents. Click here to explore their site and guided meditations!
  • If you are an expectant parent, you may be interested in reading about the Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting Program. Click here to learn more!